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The `gate' poll

The numerous responses to the cartoon poll on the name for the current Iran arms imbroglio have, alas, produced no clear winner. ``Contragate'' was favored among the few serious entries. Creative entries ranged from the ridiculous (``Unhingedgate'') to the sublime (``Well, Nancy and I Gate''). Media- watchers suggested ``Pressgate,'' and a partisan wanted ``Give 'em the gate.''

A fledgling lexicographer offered ``Interrogate,'' and a severe critic weighed in with ``Teflongate.'' Other minor classics were ``Investigate,'' ``Cowboygate,'' ``Let's you and him fight gate,'' and ``Fumblegate.''

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One pollee, wearied from the effort, requested ``Gaterade,'' and another, thoroughly disenchanted, suggested that what we now needed to do was ``Fumigate.''

Margin of error? Be serious.