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Anti-Drug Summit

PRESIDENT BUSH has accepted a call for an anti-drug summit meeting within 90 days with leaders of Bolivia, Colombia, and Peru to seek a unified attack against the multi-billion dollar cocaine trade. The invitation was extended by leaders of the three front-line states in Latin America's anti-cocaine fight, who held a one-day meeting at this town south of Lima. The leaders of Colombia, Bolivia, and Peru came together in advance of a two-day, seven-nation Latin summit here where the drug issue was to be high on the agenda.

The idea for talks was first broached by Mr. Bush last month as he announced a five-year, $7.8 billion anti-drug plan.

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``We welcome the Bush initiative and accordingly we invite him to a meeting in the next 90 days,'' the presidents said in a communiqu'e. They also said it was important that European countries were represented at the talks.

Drug experts from the three countries would meet in Bolivia Nov. 20 to coordinate a common position for the proposed summit, they added. White House spokesman Marlin Fitzwater said in Washington that sites under discussion for the summit include Jamaica, Barbados, Caracas, and Cartagena, Colombia.