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1. Which country boycotted the last two Olympics (Los Angeles in 1984 and Seoul in '88)?

a. Soviet Union

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b. East Germany

c. Cuba

d. India

2. When the centennial of the modern Olympics is celebrated in 1996, this city will host the Games:

a. Athens

b. Atlanta

c. Paris

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d. Beijing

3. South Africa, which rejoins the Olympics this summer, has been barred since:

a. 1952

b. 1964

c. 1976

d. 1984

4. In 1960, Billy Mills, a Sioux Indian, achieved one of the greatest upset victories in Olympics history competing in which track and field event?

a. High jump

b. 10,000 meters

c. Pole vault

d. 100 meters

5. Which is a non-Olympic sport?

a. Archery

b. Shooting

c. Tennis

d. Karate

6. The Summer Olympics have never been held in this country:

a. Norway

b. Belgium

c. Mexico

d. Australia

7. Swimmer Mark Spitz won the most gold medals in a single Olympics. How many did he capture in '72?

a. 5

b. 6

c. 7

d. 8

Answers: 1. c, Cuba; 2. b, Atlanta; 3. b, 1964; 4. b, 10,000 meters; 5. d, Karate; 6. a, Norway; 7. c, 7.