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Ethical Shopping Quiz

Take a quick quiz to see if ethics - as measured by the Council on Economic Priorities (CEP) - play a pivotal role in your shopping.

For ethical reasons, would you choose:

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1. Fast food from Taco Bell or McDonald's?

2. Gas from Chevron or Exxon?

3. A computer from Dell or IBM?

4. Cereal from Quaker Oats or Kellogg's?

5. A camera from Polaroid or Kodak?

Answers: 1. Taco Bell (owned by PepsiCo), 2. Chevron, 3. IBM, 4. Kellogg's, 5. Polaroid.

All five companies made the latest honor roll. Their competitors didn't because CEP gives them low grades on various issues: McDonald's (women/minority advancement), Exxon (family benefits, workplace safety, charitable giving, women advancement), Dell (environment), Quaker Oats (charitable giving, workplace safety), Kodak (environment, charitable giving).

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If you scored 4 or 5 points: go to the head of CEP's class; 2 or 3: CEP considers you ethically aware; 0 or 1: CEP might wonder whether you should reevaluate how you shop.