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Memphis: king of fast food deals

American fast food consumers know all about extra value meals - a burger, fries, and soda all for one low low price. It turns out that value varies quite a bit depending where you live. For example, the average cost of a quarter-pound cheeseburger, large fries, and a medium soft drink in New York is nearly $1.50 more than in Memphis, Tenn. Here's the average price of a fast-food meal in major US cities:

New York $5.68

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Honolulu 5.16

Washington 4.97

San Francisco 4.83

Boston 4.82

Seattle 4.82

Phoenix 4.71

St Louis 4.49

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Atlanta 4.48

Los Angeles 4.37

Chicago 4.36

Memphis 4.20

Source: Runzheimer International