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If you go to Atlantis

Hotels. Rates vary by season.

*Beach: $170-$390

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*Coral: $210-$425

*Royal Towers: $250-$480

Dining. Atlantis has 38 restaurants and lounges, with cuisine ranging from hamburgers to Bahamian specialties. Just be sure to bring something a little more formal for evening.

*Gourmet: $75 per adult per day, $38 per child (ages 6-12) per day.

*Full American: $55 per adult per day, $28 per child (ages 6-12) per day.

Entertainment. Most of the water attractions are free, but if you want to rent things like jet skis or kayaks, you will be charged. Golf and tennis within minutes of the resort.

Camp Paradise. Parents can leave their children (ages 5-12) here for the day. Prices are $30 for a half day, $45 for a full, and $30 for the evening. In-room baby-sitting is also available.

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For further information call: 1-800-ATLANTIS or