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A chart on the presidential candidates' stands on the issues (Feb. 1, page 12) incorrectly reported the education positions of Vice President Al Gore and former Sen. Bill Bradley. Mr. Gore proposes a $115 billion increase in federal education spending over 10 years to fund universal preschool, teacher training, smaller classes, and after-school programs. He opposes all voucher programs. Mr. Bradley proposes spending $1.3 billion to recruit 600,000 new teachers and would invest $1 billion in after-school programs. During his Senate career, he voted for limited voucher programs, but now opposes them.

A story about America's best-run cities (Jan. 31, page 4) incorrectly reported the grades several cities received in a Syracuse University study. Detroit got a B-; Washington a C+; Austin, Texas, an A-; and Minneapolis a B-.

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