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Monitor Quiz

Tasty terms

This quiz may seem "corny" to some, but have you ever thought how many food words are used to describe other things? Can you identify the food-related (often slang) term for each of the definitions below? (Example: A word for nonsense is "baloney.")

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1. A thick fog

2. Boston, Mass.

3. Heated dispute; controversy

4. To flatter someone

5. Trifling amount

6. Leading actor or comedian

7. A difficult situation; dilemma

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8. Inferior; poor quality

9. New York City

10. A showy performer

11. Informal jazz get-together

12. Unusually fine; outstanding

13. An experienced sailor

14. Very easy; no problem

15. Military braid


(1) pea soup; (2) Beantown; (3) rhubarb; (4) butter up; (5) peanuts; (6) top banana; (7) pickle; (8) cheesy; (9) Big Apple; (10) ham; (11) jam session; (12) peachy; (13) old salt; (14) piece of cake; (15) scrambled eggs.

Kardyne F. Steacy

(c) Copyright 2001. The Christian Science Monitor