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Planning a vacation? Perhaps a 'distinctive' place is for you

Many people think of Little Rock, Ark., as a crucible of school integration. But to the National Trust for Historic Preservation, it's much more than that. The nation's largest private, nonprofit preservation organization just named the Arkansas capital one of its 2007 Dozen Distinctive Destinations, citing – among other attractions – the well-preserved historic buildings, a native American site, and a World War II-era submarine. By maintaining its historic and scenic assets, Little Rock joins with other likeminded communities that have protected their special character and made themselves into attractive alternative vacation destinations. Descriptions of what makes these places special can be found at:

The Dozen Distinctive Destinations, in alphabetical order:

Charlottesville, Va.
Chatham, Mass.
Chestertown, Md.
Durango, Colo.
Ellensburg, Wash.
Hillsborough, N.C.
Little Rock, Ark.
Mineral Point, Wis.
Morgantown, W.Va.
Providence, R.I.
West Hollywood, Calif.
Woodstock, Ill.

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