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Monitor readers tend to be mature, successful, and financially comfortable. The typical Monitor reader is well-educated, well-traveled, and well-read, drawing from a wide range of thoughtful resources to build an understanding of events and issues. Monitor readers support balanced and constructive journalism and see the Monitor as its highest embodiment. They think more highly of companies because they advertise in the Monitor and are more likely to buy from them because of their Monitor advertising.

  • The mean annual household income is $112,500
  • The mean household net worth is $1,058,000
  • 83% have graduated from a four-year college
  • 46.7% hold a postgraduate degree
Upscale consumers
  • 88.8% own their own home
  • 12.6% own a second or vacation home
  • 82.8% voted in federal, state, or local election
  • 37.3% have taken an active part in some local civic issue

 Samples of investments:

  • 66% own mutual funds
  • 54.4% own common or preferred stock
  • 48.9% own money market funds
  • 28.1% own bonds or Treasury notes

 Average age is 64.6

  • Women 59%
  • Men 41%
  • 51% of our employed readers are professional/managerial
 Monitor data via the 2007 Subscriber Study, MRI Custom Division

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