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5 discoveries made about the Amazon Kindle tablet

In all likelihood, Amazon’s hotly anticipated press conference scheduled for Sept. 28 in New York will introduce its latest weapon in the tablet wars: the Amazon Kindle tablet. The new entrant in the tablet world promises to shake up the industry and threaten Apple iPad’s dominance. Rumors have been circulating for months about the Amazon Kindle tablet. Here’s what sleuthing techies have discovered so far:

Like the BlackBerry PlayBook, the Kindle tablet is reported to have a color touchscreen.
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1. It looks like a BlackBerry PlayBook.

“It sports a color touchscreen, looks much like a BlackBerry PlayBook, and has no physical buttons on the surface of the device,” writes Christina DesMarais of PC World.

MG Siegler of Tech Crunch has actually seen and used Amazon’s Kindle tablet, and he divulges some details in a post on the tech site. He confirms the device is a back-lit 7-inch tablet with a full-color, capacitive touch screen. The tablet is black, with a rubbery back, a power button on the underside (which, Siegler notes, is a bit odd), a micro-USB port, and speakers.

Unlike the iPad, the Kindle tablet probably won’t have a camera.


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