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5 award-winning mystery novels for young adults

From a Louisiana teen living in London who finds that she's the only one who can see a mysterious figure to a fashion photographer whose clients disappear, here are the five young adult novels the Edgar Awards selected as the best 2012 mysteries for teen readers.

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1. 'The Silence of Murder,' by Dandi Daley Mackall

In Mackall's novel – winner of the 2012 Edgar Award in the Young Adult category – protagonist Hope Long has always adored her older brother, Jeremy – so she's aghast when Jeremy is accused of killing a local baseball coach. Jeremy hasn't spoken a single word in years, so he can't explain why he was seen near the scene of the coach's murder with a baseball bat with blood on it. But Hope is determined to prove her brother's innocence, even if she's the only one who will try.


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