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Whosolvedit? Take our famous literary detectives quiz!

Everyone loves a good mystery. Tantalizing clues, unlikely criminals, clever deduction, and the thrill of the chase all come together to make a truly memorable reading experience. The Monitor offers a twist on the classic whodunit. We'll present you with a case, and you guess the detective who solved it. The game's afoot! Try our literary detective quiz!

Alfred Matlala transports baggage onto the train as it readies for departure from Rovos Rail's Pretoria Station on its way to Cape Town on September 27, 2013 in Pretoria, South Africa.
Ann Hermes/The Christian Science Monitor
Question 1 of 30

1. A man has been stabbed twelve times on one of the most luxurious train passages in the world! Whosolvedit?

Miss Marple

Hercule Poirot

Dick Tracy

Inspector Endeavor Morse

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