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Shakespeare: Can you match the quote to the play? Try our quiz!

They say all the world's a quiz, so the question must be: to quiz, or not to quiz? Clearly, the answer is "to quiz." Find out how well you know these quotes from William Shakespeare's plays.

First Folio edition of the collected plays of William Skakespere, shown July 18, 2003, in its display case in Ashland, Oregon. Widely considered the most important single book in English literature, the volume is a sacred relic for many Shakespeare scholars and fans. The case stays locked in a room with a video surveillance camera and electronic alarm sytem.
AP Photo/Jeff Barnard
Question 1 of 30

1. Which play does "Beware the Ides of March" come from?

Timon of Athens

Julius Caesar

Two Gentlemen of Verona


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