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4 audiobooks that span the globe

This month we travel to Africa, France, Massachusetts, and Mars.  All titles are available to download from

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1. 'How We’ll Live on Mars,' by Stephen L. Petranek

 (Read by Stephen L. Petranek; Simon & Schuster Audio; 2 CDs; 2 hours)

This audiobook is based on a TED talk by Petranek, editor of Breakthrough Technology Alert. He predicts that by 2027 humans, using privately owned aircraft, will travel to Mars to live there. He discusses the cost, safety, isolation, and risks of such a trip, as well as the technologies needed to colonize the planet and make it habitable.  Petranek is an engaging speaker and explains his theory clearly. Correct or not, it is a fascinating Plan B for our ever expanding population.    

Grade: A–


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