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Amazon ranks the best-read cities for 2014

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Cliff Owen/AP

(Read caption) Pedestrians walk in Alexandria, Va.

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Amazon has released its annual list of the best-read cities in America.

The online giant bases its data on the sales information from each city (counting books ordered as well as newspapers and magazines), so it should be noted that the rankings reflect only Amazon sales and not any titles that city residents would have bought from local stores or other companies like Barnes & Noble or borrowed from libraries.

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For the list, the company looks at sales on a per capita basis in areas of over 100,000 residents. Sales data from April 2013 to April 2014 was examined for this list.

On Amazon’s list, the city of Alexandra, Va. again took the top spot for this year. Alexandria has been listed as number 1 on the company’s rankings since 2012. In 2011, Cambridge, Mass. was number one, but it fell to number two in 2012 and is now all the way down at number eight.

For the 2014 rankings, Miami, Fla. came in at number two, jumping one spot from its third-place finish in 2013. Knoxville, Tenn. placed at number three for 2014, falling one place from its second-place finish in 2013. Seattle, Wash. came in at number four for 2014, jumping up all the way from number 13 in last year’s list. 2014’s fifth-place finisher is Orlando, Fla., the same rank it occupied on the list last year.

Ann Arbor, Mich. and Berkeley, Calif. also placed the same as they did last year, taking the sixth and seventh spots, respectively.

Check out the full list here.