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Why is the forthcoming book 'The ABLES' already appearing on bestseller lists?

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(Read caption) 'The ABLES' is by Jeremy Scott.

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Those perusing current online bestseller lists will see such expected titles as “The Girl on the Train” by Paula Hawkins and “All the Light We Cannot See” by Anthony Doerr but will also spot a book that will most likely be unfamiliar to them – the book “The ABLES” by Jeremy Scott

“The ABLES” isn’t coming out until May but is already at number nine on the Barnes & Noble bestseller list and at number 15 on Amazon’s rankings. By comparison, the only other books above “ABLES” on B&N's rankings that haven’t been released are Dr. Seuss’s “What Pet Should I Get?” and “Lauren’s Kingdom,” a book by child advocate and Congressional Medal of Merit recipient Lauren Book. On Amazon’s bestseller list, the only other as-yet-unpublished book above “ABLES” is “To Kill a Mockingbird” writer Harper Lee’s upcoming book “Go Set a Watchman."

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So what is “The ABLES”? It’s a title about a teenager named Phillip who is blind and is told by his father that Phillip has telekinetic powers. He attends a school for those with similar powers but soon finds that others harass him because he is put in a special education class. He and his friends call themselves the Ables and discover that a malevolent force is going after humans. 

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Scott is the co-creator of the YouTube channel CinemaSins, which posts videos about films and points out such flaws as plot developments that don’t make sense and continuity errors. Their most recently added movie-based video, “Everything Wrong With Gladiator In Nine Minutes Or Less,” has more than 400,000 views. Their most-watched video, “Everything Wrong With Frozen In 10 Minutes Or Less,” has more than 14 million. 

Scott’s video about his book on the CinemaSins channel explains that those who pre-order the book will get to see CinemaSins videos that haven’t been posted.

“There will be other fun updates and videos from me along the way,” Scott says in the video.