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Randall Munroe's upcoming book 'Thing Explainer' is already a bestseller

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(Read caption) 'Thing Explainer' is by Randall Munroe.

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Author Randall Munroe may have already scored a bestseller with his follow-up to the book “What If?”

Munroe, who is also behind the webcomic xkcd, released “What If?,” which centers on unusual science topics, this past September and Amazon named it as one of the best books to come out that month. It sold well and now Munroe’s new book, titled “Thing Explainer,” is drawing much attention as well. The work uses drawings to show how everything from bridges to ballpoint pens function. 

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“Explainer” isn’t even coming out until this November but it’s already shot up bestseller lists. It’s currently ranked at number six on the Barnes & Noble bestseller list and at number eight on Amazon.