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Which nation has the most in vitro babies? Here are the Top 5.

In the United States, in vitro fertilization (IVF) is responsible for 1 in 75 new births, creating a whole new industry over the past three decades. Worldwide, IVF contributes more than 1 in 50 new births in 17 countries. Who has the most? It depends on how you count. Of the more than 4 million IVF babies that have been born since 1978, the largest number are in the US, followed by other wealthy populous nations, such as Japan and France. But which countries have the greatest share of 'test tube' babies? Here are the Top 5:

In this 2008 file photo, Nobel laureate Robert Edwards (left) attends the 30th birthday of the world's first 'test tube' baby, Louise Joy Brown (right), holding her son Cameron, and with her mother, Lesley Brown, at Bourn Hall, in Bourn, England. Dr. Edwards, a British scientist who developed in vitro fertilization, received the 2010 Nobel Prize in medicine on Oct. 4. The technology has been responsible for more than 4 million births. In 2007 alone, Belgium had nearly 4,000 in vitro births.
Chris Radburn / PA / AP / File
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5. Belgium – 3.2 percent

Almost 4,000 babies born in Belgium in 2007 were conceived with help from in vitro technology, according to the International Committee Monitoring Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ICMART) and the United Nations. (The latest data is from 2007.) That's 1 of every 30 infants, which is better than twice the rate in the US, but not as high as....


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