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Are you a Peeps fanatic? Take our quiz.

Peeps, the little marshmallow chicks with the brightly colored sugar coatings, have been a staple of American Easter baskets for generations. In celebration of Easter, test your knowledge of the world's cutest marshmallow candy with our Peeps trivia quiz. What state do Peeps call home? How many Peeps are in a sleeve? Which teen heartthrob got pelted with Peeps on national television? Click below to find out.

This file photo shows a Peep in yellow, the candy's original color. Some 400 million Peeps are used for something other than eating.
Bob Skalkowski/Just Born, Inc./PRNewsFoto
Question 1 of 15

1. Peeps are mainly known as an Easter candy, but the fluffy treats are available throughout the year. Which other holidays have corresponding Peeps?

Thanksgiving, Christmas, Fourth of July

Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day

Halloween, Flag Day, St. Patrick's Day

Fourth of July, Groundhog Day, Memorial Day

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