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Are you a savvy car buyer? Test your knowledge with our car buyer quiz!

Even though information is more readily available today than it’s ever been, buying a new car can be an intimidating process. There’s a lot of technology to keep track of, and salespeople are notorious for slinging buzzwords at unsuspecting consumers. Used car buying adds the unique challenges of decoding a car’s history through a visual inspection. Take our 17-question quiz to find out how savvy you are about car buying and the terminology you might encounter when you’re shopping for your next vehicle. 

Question 1 of 17

1. What should a buyer think about a used car that’s missing a badge? (For example, a Honda Civic with the metal “Civic” insignia removed from the trunk.)

Nothing to worry about, they commonly fall off on car lots as excessive sun exposure melts the glue with which they’re affixed.

It was probably removed by a previous owner who didn’t like the aesthetics.

The vehicle may have had body work done due to an accident, investigate further.

It was probably never put on at the factory.

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