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Cloudy economic predictions

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Tim Kane / The Kauffman Foundation

(Read caption) The Kauffman Foundation generated this word-cloud from the free response of 200 economics bloggers to the question: How do you assess the overall condition of the U.S. economy right now? The size of a term in the word-cloud illustrates the relative frequency with which it appeared in the survey responses.

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Tim Kane at the Kauffman Foundation is out with his latest survey of economics bloggers (full disclosure: I am both an adviser to the survey and a participant in it).

My favorite feature this quarter is a word cloud of adjectives (and some adverbs) that the respondents offered to an open-ended question about the U.S. economy:

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Uncertain, sluggish, weak, and fragile sound about right to me, but I think growing should be a bit bigger. After all, the problem we have is slow, as-yet-unimpressive growth. (I forget what I answered, but I bet uncertain and fragile were on the list.)

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Among the more amusing responses from other bloggers: taupe and flirtatious.

You can find the full survey results here.

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