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Foreclosure help for Maryland homeowners?

Foreclosure help: A Maryland court is set to rule on emergency rules for foreclosures.

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Lawyer Peter Ticktin, of The Ticktin Law Group poses behind stacks of depositions from 150 robosigners, alleging that the court documents reveal an industry-wide banking scheme to defraud homeowners, in Deerfield Beach, Fla., Oct. 12. In Maryland, homeowners may get some foreclosure help from a court of appeals, which is considering rules that would stop foreclosures if lenders can't show their documents are valid within 30 days.

Lynne Sladky/AP

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Maryland's highest court is scheduled to consider a proposed emergency measure to enable state courts to stop foreclosures, if documentation is found to be invalid.

The Court of Appeals on Tuesday will be weighing whether to adopt the proposal approved last week by the Maryland Standing Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure.

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The proposal would give lenders 30 days to demonstrate that documents related to the foreclosure are legally sufficient.

Unfair foreclosure practices are being investigated nationwide relating to affidavits that have been filed without sufficient knowledge of their accuracy. Preliminary audits have found that hundreds of bogus affidavits have been filed in Maryland courts.