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Ford idles Kentucky plant due to shortages

Ford moves up the date of plant's temporary shutdown because of shortages caused by ongoing problems in Japan as well as declining sales of Ford trucks and large SUVs.

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In this March 29, 2011, photo, new 2011 Ford F-250 trucks are delivered to a dealership in Glbert, Ariz. In the week of April 4, 2011, Ford is idling a Kentucky plant that produces the F-250 and other trucks and large SUVs because of potential parts shortages and falling sales of its trucks and SUVs.

Matt York/AP

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Ford Motor Co. is closing its Louisville, Ken., truck plant this week because of potential supply disruptions stemming from the earthquake in Japan, and because demand is down for the vehicles.

The Kentucky plant makes the F-250 and F-350 heavy duty pickup trucks, and the Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator large SUVs.

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The car maker had already planned to idle production at the plant later this quarter, said George Pipas, Ford'smanager of sales analysis. But the company decided to shut the plant earlier than scheduled "to address a short supply of components," he said.

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Slowing demand for full-sized trucks also factored into the decision, Pipas said.

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