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UTC furloughs called off, civilian employees back to work

UTC furloughs of 2,000 workers were cancelled after the Department of Defense recalled most of its civilian employees. The UTC furloughs were planned to start Monday. 

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US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel speaks during a briefing on the Defense Department's FY2014 budget at the Pentagon in April. UTC furloughs of 2,000 workers have been called off after the Defense Department called most of its civilian employees back to work.

Kevin Lamarque/Reuters/File

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United Technologies Corp. canceled a planned furlough of 2,000 workers after the Department of Defense recalled most of its civilian employees.

The Hartford, Connectocit-based defense contractor planned to furlough 2,000 workers starting Monday. Its Sikorsky division makes Black Hawk helicopters for the military and relies on government inspectors, who were furloughed.

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But on Saturday, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel ordered most of the Defense Department's 350,000 civilian employees back to work, citing a law that exempts civilians from the government shutdown if they're contributing to military morale or readiness.

Sikorsky spokesman Paul Jackson said Sunday that United Technologies canceled its furloughs in response.

Separately, defense contractor Lockheed Martin Corp. is still planning to furlough up to 3,000 workers Monday until it confirms that the government is proceeding with its programs.