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Top 5 Super Bowl ad winners as chosen by the people

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(Read caption) A protective youngster stars in the highest rated Super Bowl ad according to votes on Hulu. Here are the top 5 Super Bowl ads as voted by viewers.

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Remember the years when if you happened to be refilling the guacamole at the wrong moment, a great Super Bowl ad might pass you by with only a faint hope of it's YouTube resurrection the next morning?

Me neither. But apparently some people do.

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Luckily, since the advent of Hulu and increased corporate use of YouTube, not only can you watch the ads again, you can let companies know just how well-spent their advertising dollars were.

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So, according to Hulu reviews early Monday morning, here are the top 5 Super Bowl ads:

1. Doritos House Rules

While the ad starts out a little strangely with a disembodied point-of-view camera angle, it's the final close-up that seals the deal. We're staying away from his Doritos and his momma, for sure.

2. Google: Search On

The world's biggest search engine continues its public charm campaign with a touching love-story-as-Google-search. (Sound lame? Trust us, it'll get you misty eyed.) Another bonus? This ad has the highest potential for comedic imitation and/or poetic continuation – what other stories could you tell using Google searches?

3. Snickers: You're not you when you're hungry

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If you thought the CGI in Avatar was great, wait until you see Betty White take a Troy Polamalu-esque de-cleating in this Snickers commercial. Unfortunately, the ad's other upshot is that a Snickers can only bring you back from Betty White-level athleticism to your previous, skinny, goofy state.

4. Doritos Underdog

Don't get between a dog and his Dorritos – especially one who will sneak up behind you and tag you with his bark collar.

5. Motorola: Megan Fox Photo

The genius of this ad lies in that it plays on the meme of America's uncovered celebrity photo obsession with several great, off-color twists. It doesn't go down the now far-too-played-out GoDaddy route, for which we are forever grateful.

Plenty of commercials got overall good scores from viewers, but here are two gems that didn't rate so highly but definitely deserve another look.