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How much do you know about bipartisanship? Take our quiz.

Americans aren’t big fans of Congress. According to the latest numbers, three-quarters of the country disapproves of its job performance. Since President Obama took office in 2009, Congress’s highest approval rating has been 37 percent. Recent instances of partisan brinkmanship – the 2011 debt-ceiling debate, the 2012 fiscal-cliff standoff, and the 2013 sequester dispute – have made many citizens disillusioned with the lawmaking process and concerned about the country’s future prosperity.

But wait! There’s hope. Bipartisanship – cooperation, agreement, and compromise between the two major political parties – has always existed in Washington. The creation of Congress itself wouldn’t have happened without the Great Compromise that settled the issue of representation at the 1787 Constitutional Convention.

How much do you know about America’s bipartisan tradition – past and present? Take our quiz to find out.

Pictured here is the dome of the US Capitol building.
Ann Hermes/Staff
The annual Congressional Baseball Game is played at Nationals Park in Washington, D.C.
Mark Tenally/AP
Question 1 of 21

1. What sport do Republicans and Democrats in Congress come together to play every year for charity?





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