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They range from the shores of Walden Pond to the steppes of Siberia, and from Jane Austen’s parlor to an Amish farmer’s field. They are the 10 new July book releases most warmly praised by the Monitor’s book critics.

It’s a highly diverse list with something for everyone. What you should read? Depends on your genre.

Biography: Choose between the life of the great Carthaginian general Hannibal or that of American icon Henry David Thoreau.

Current events: Try a dark examination of cyberwarfare or an authoritative look at the career of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Fiction: It’s either a delightful post-apocalyptic novel with a surprising twist, a deep dive into Jane Austen’s home life, or a wonderful book of essays on the magic of great storytelling.  

Memoir: There’s a firsthand take on India’s caste system or the story of a Teach for America alum who left Harvard Law to defend a former student accused of murder.

And in a category all its own, there’s a gripping true story about a Harvard University scientist using frozen DNA to resurrect the woolly mammoth.

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