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Trump ad slamming wind farms is banned

Trump ad banned by British regulator, who calls it unsubstantiated and 'misleading.' Trump ad warned that wind farms would hurt Scotland tourism.

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A small boat passes through the windmills of the Thanet Offshore Wind Farm off the coast of Ramsgate in Kent, England, which produce enough energy a year to power the equivalent of more than 200,000 homes. A British regulator has banned a Donald Trump ad, which warned that building wind farms in Scotland would mar its natural beauty and hurt tourism.

Gareth Fuller/PA/AP/File

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Britain's Advertising Standards Agency has ruled that Donald Trump's anti-wind farm advert should be withdrawn in its current form.

The independent advertising regulator said Wednesday that the ad from Trump International Gold Club Scotland is misleading and cannot be substantiated.

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The ad warns that wind farms would hurt Scottish tourism and mar Scotland's beauty. It features a photograph of a wind farm development overlooking a crowded highway in California.

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Trump has been fighting the wind energy project, which he believes may mar the view from his luxury golf resort in Scotland.

The standards agency said the Trump resort had been told not to make claims that could not be proven and not to use "misleading imagery."