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Power plant bomb scare actually a mosquito trap

A mosquito trap inadvertently caused a power plant bomb scare Wednesday, when security guards spotted a seemingly suspicious device with wires and a battery at a coal-fired power plant in Wyoming. 

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Steam rises from the stacks of the coal-fired Jim Bridger Power Plant outside Point of the Rocks, Wyoming. A power plant bomb scare this week turned out to be a mosquito trap.

Jim Urquhart/Reuters/File

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A suspicious device at a southwest Wyoming power plant turned out not to be a bomb, but it might have hurt a mosquito or two.

Security guards spotted the object at the Jim Bridger Power Plant around midnight Wednesday. The device had wires connected to a small battery.

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A bomb squad was called out to the coal-fired power plant. Sweetwater County sheriff's officials say bomb experts looked over the device and even X-rayed it.

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It was a mosquito trap.

Weed and pest officers routinely put out the traps to check for mosquitoes that carry the West Nile virus.

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