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Good News! Kentucky Fried Chicken doubles-down on the KFC Double Down

Good news for fans of KFC's "Double Down." The life of the sandwich has been extended.

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Sales of Kentucky Fried Chicken's "Double Down" sandwich have been so brisk that the company will continue serving it as long as consumer demand is high.


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Meat lovers, relax. But chickens, beware.

KFC says Americans are gobbling down so many Double Down sandwiches that the fast-food chain will offer the bunless, meaty sandwich longer than it had planned.

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Originally the sandwich — bacon and cheese surrounded by chicken filets — was to have been available through Sunday.

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But KFC said Wednesday that the sandwich will be available now for as long as customer demand remains high.

The Double Down came onto the market on April 12 and was supposed to have lasted about six weeks. But it tapped into Americans' fascination with quirky food and became a viral-marketing sensation. People posted videos of themselves eating the sandwich on sites like YouTube, and celebrities like Stephen Colbert gobbled it up.

KFC said it has been one of its most successful sandwich launches ever. Later this month, KFC expects to sell its 10 millionth Double Down. They cost about $5.

Some have questioned the sandwiches' nutritional value.

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