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Joe Barton apology: Says he's sorry for misconstrued BP apology

Joe Barton apology: Says he's sorry for earlier remarks about BP.

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Joe Barton apology: File photo of Rep. Barton (R-TX) quizzing oil company officials summoned to Capitol Hill in Washington DC on Tuesday.


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Republican Rep. Joe Barton of Texas is issuing an apology — of sorts — about his apology to oil company BP.

Barton had complained at a hearing earlier Thursday that the Obama administration was forcing BP to set up a $20 billion "slush fund" for oil spill victims.

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Barton said he was ashamed of the White House's actions — and he apologized to BP. Vice President Joe Biden called those remarks "outrageous."

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Hours after making the comments, Barton said his remarks had been "misconstrued." He said, "I want to apologize for that misconstruction."

Barton says that he considers BP responsible for the catastrophic oil spill and that the company should "do everything possible to make good."