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CEO exits

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MERRILL LYNCH - JOHN THAIN: Mr. Thain resigned in 2009 as CEO of Merrill Lynch after accounting discrepancies surfaced that placed losses well over what had initially been reported, and also after reports of excessive executive compensation just before the company was sold to Bank of America. At one point, he was paid total compensation of more than $83 million, including cash and stock. He was later subpoenaed by New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to testify about the bonuses. Thain, then-New York Stock Exchange CEO, is seen here on a Harley Davidson motorcycle in front of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in New York in August 2005 when members of the NYSE were encouraged to ride their Harleys to work to celebrate the ringing of the closing bell by Harley Davidson's CEO.

PHOTO: Henny Ray Abrams/AP/FILE

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