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One Laptop Per Child program's new goal: One Tablet Computer Per Child

The One Laptop Per Child program, which developed the XO laptop, plans to develop an inexpensive tablet computer for developing countries.

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Dubbed the "$100 laptop," the XO laptop is intended for children in developing countries. The One Laptop Per Child initiative now plans to produce a tablet computer.

Courtesy of Tom‡s Pantin

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One Laptop Per Child says the next version of its computer for kids in developing countries will be a tablet, not a laptop. The tablets are being designed by chipmaker Marvell. They'll have large multi-touch screens, a video camera, Wi-Fi Internet connections and enough power to play high-def video.

New Price: OLPC's XO laptop was dreamed up as the "$100 laptop," but it sells for twice as much. The tablet gives the organization a chance to finally sell a device for less than $100.

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New Plan: Marvell will market the tablet widely, starting with schools and healthcare institutions, pushing up the number produced to drive costs down.