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Earth Day 2013: 5 gadgets that help make going green easy

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The iSolar Backup Battery Charger is part of Tripple C Designs' lineup for this summer.
Triple C Designs
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2. iSolar Backup Battery Charger

The iSolar Backup Battery Charger lets people charge their mobile devices, not to mention acting as an extra power source for those constantly on the go.

A three-hour charge under the sun powers the pocket-size bamboo charger enough to boost your device’s power by 40 percent (a six-hour charge in direct sunlight can fully charge most portable devices, according to the company). It also offers a USB adapter to charge the backup with battery power on rainy days.

The iSolar Backup Battery Charger is part of the green collection by Triple C Designs.

“There are plenty of times that your battery is dead,” says Mercedes Smith, the account manager for Triple C Designs in New York. “The beauty of it is that you can stay charged via solar light.”

A backup charger may have more appeal out of convenience than out of environmental consciousness, but it makes a difference in the long run. Instead of running to a café or public area with an outlet in those critical moments when a mobile device coincidentally dies, people can take advantage of this easy-to-use power source.  

The charger works for phones, e-readers, tablets, and digital cameras, among other devices. 

It is available on Uncommon Goods and Photojojo and will soon be available in Nordstrom.

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