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Do you speak start-up? An entrepreneurial vocab quiz.

“Once we pivot, we’re likely to have a good seed round with angels so we can finally disrupt the tech business. Let’s just hope we’re not ramen-profitable, haha!”

Did that sentence sound like gibberish to you? If you’re not in the start-up world, it likely would. Start-ups are filled with their own jargon, buzzwords, and colloquialisms popularized by an explosive tech scene and the esoteric communities it functions within. But with many start-ups making an appearance in our daily lives (Facebook, Snapchat, Air BnB) you may know more of the language than you think.

So here is the challenge: can you translate the start-up world to our own? Take this quiz to see if you speak the start-up slang.

Facebook announced on Monday that it will pay $1 billion in cash and stock for photo-sharing application Instagram, making its largest-ever acquisition months before the No. 1 social media website is expected to go public.
Fred Prouser/Reuters
Question 1 of 15

1. Define: pivot

A dance move in which the dancer smoothly switches directions – a popular move at tech company parties.

A point at which a company decides to forgo a certain endeavor and focus on a new product or venture.

The time in a business meeting when an entrepreneur stops talking about a product and asks for questions from those in the meeting.

When an entrepreneur decides an investor is no longer worth pitching to, and switches to a new target for investment.

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