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iPhone 3.1.2 OS billed by Apple as a bug-killer

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Apple today made available an update to the iPhone operating system, which it says will improve performance on the best-selling phone. The 3.1.2 update, which can be accessed by launching iTunes and checking for system updates, is being billed as a bug-killer.

Most importantly, the new OS apparently resolves the "coma" bug – a glitch that caused the iPhone to go to sleep for long periods of time. Apple said that the 3.1.2 update would also address a bug that caused occasional crashes during video streaming, and an issue with the interruption of cellular network services.

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3.1.2 OS packs a relatively hefty weight – it will take up 306.2 MB of drive space.

In September, Apple released an MMS update for the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3G S – a long-awaited functionality that brought photo messaging technology to the best-selling smart phones. But the MMS unveiling, as we noted, didn't exactly go smoothly.

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