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Obama on Foursquare, but he's not ready to be a mayor yet

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Carolyn Kaster/AP

(Read caption) Where's President Obama? Foursquare know. Now you can follow Mr. Obama on Foursquare. Pictured, the president greets people in Decorah, Iowa, Tuesday, Aug. 16, during his three-day economic bus tour.

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Foursquare, meet President Obama. Obama, Foursquare.

As of Monday, the White House now has a page on Foursquare. And the location-based social network has a new member, Mr. President himself.

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Although Obama is using Foursquare now, he hasn't attained the website's most coveted honors: mayor. The title proves that you've checked into a location more times than any other user. The president is not "mayor" of the White House – not even of the Oval Office. But he has a good excuse: the White House set up a special account for him that doesn't allow the president to officially check in anywhere.

Instead, users will be able see the places Obama has visited and what he did there.

The White House launched this in time to coincide with the president's three-day economic bus tour, where he will be visiting parts of the Midwest. The tour began on Monday.

The White House's first Foursquare "tip" said on Monday night that, "President Obama discussed ways to grow the economy and strengthen the middle class with a crowd of 500 people at Hannah's Bend Park," in Cannon Falls, Minn.

So whether you are in visiting the White House or attending one of his town-hall meetings, now you can "check-in" and let your friends know.

The social network is meant to allow users to let their friends know where they are and get ideas of what to do when they get there.