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Droid Bionic Twitter page is fake, Motorola says

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(Read caption) The Droid Bionic is expected to ship in September.

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It was enough to raise the collective pulse of the tech blogosphere: A tweet, apparently from an official Motorola Twitter feed, announcing the imminent arrival of the Droid Bionic. "On September 8th 2011, the Motorola Droid Bionic will be in your hands," read one message published earlier this month. "Once the Motorola Droid Bionic is in your hands, you will then know that the wait was worth it," read another.

The Twitter account, @droidbionic, certainly looked real. Witness the snazzy Droid eye graphics, the over 2,000 followers, and the link to the online Verizon store. But according to Motorola reps, the feed is a fake, one possibly started by a particularly committed Motorola fan, or maybe an employee of one of the hundreds of Verizon stores nationwide. "This is not an official Twitter feed for Motorola," Motorola spokeswoman Danielle McNally told PC World.

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Oops. (The feed is still up, and as of this afternoon, still publishing Bionic-related tweets.)

Anyway, the real Droid Bionic, which has been dubbed "Motorola's most highly anticipated product this year," is expected to hit shelves sometime this fall. Among the expected niceties on the forthcoming Bionic are a 1-GHz dual-core processor, a whopping 1GB of RAM, a 4.3-inch screen, and a pair of cameras – one of them rear-facing and the other facing front.

On Aug. 24, Motorola uploaded its first video teaser for the Droid Bionic. The clip offers no more details on the Bionic – just a woman clad in body armor, destroying a bunch of cyborgs with a pair of sharp-looking swords, while the words "rule all machines" flash across the screen. (See below for more.) A metaphor for the Droid's ongoing war with the Apple iPhone?

Could be.

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