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The 'Superior' Galaxy Nexus: Is the next Google phone on the way?

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(Read caption) The Google Nexus Galaxy handset. A new Google phone is reportedly on the way.

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Forget about all that iPhone 5 gossip. How about a Google Nexus rumor instead? 

According to the folks over at SamMobile, who got their hands on a leaked spec sheet, Samsung is currently prepping a next-generation Google smartphone codenamed "Superior." Caveats abound: Google has not confirmed the existence of a new Nexus handset, and SamMobile isn't saying exactly where it obtained the spec sheet. Still, the timing lines up: The last Google phone, the Galaxy Nexus, hit shelves last November. 

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Assuming Google, like Apple, plans on sticking to a yearly refresh schedule, we'd expect the first details of a new Nexus handset to trickle out a few months before the official launch. 

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So what kind of phone are Google and Samsung preparing? Well, SamMobile calls it "a small upgrade" over the critically-acclaimed Galaxy Nexus. Expect a 4.65-inch Super AMOLED display – same as the Galaxy Nexus – and a 1.5 dual-core A9 processor, which is slightly more powerful than the 1.2 dual-core processor on the Galaxy Nexus.

The "Superior" cameras, meanwhile, would get more megapixels than the Galaxy Nexus, and there'd be a slot for an SD card, to expand storage capacity. 

No word on release date or price, but we'd bet on an October or November launch, which would pit the "Superior" directly against the iPhone 5, which is due late in September. 

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