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Top 10 brain-training apps

Keep your brain exercised and entertained. Check out our list of fun and challenging educational apps for iOS and Android.

A screen shot of Lumosity's logo.
Lumosity is an online brain training game developed by neuroscientists and psychiatrists.
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1. Lumosity

Lumosity bills itself as a “gym for your brain.” Developed by a team of neuroscientists and cognitive psychologists, Lumosity customizes a brain-training schedule for users in five categories: Memory, Attention, Speed, Flexibility, and Problem Solving. Simply download the application onto your iPhone or iPad, register with an e-mail address, and then answer a series of questions to maximize your learning experience. Lumosity compiles users’ statistics into a BPI (Brain Performance Index), and has features that compare your BPI scores with other players.

Compatibility: iPhone and iPad

Cost: Free, but there are options for an extended version of the service that cost $14.95 per month for a Web-broswer version, or $80 a year for the iPhone and iPad app.


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