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Five things we think you'll like this week, including a podium's worth of conductor Herbert von Karajan's masterworks, one Moore heist movie, and a good reason to visit a Civil War battlefield this weekend.

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Saturday is Park Day, where people nationwide pitch in to spiff up over 100 Civil War sites.

Chris Heisley/Civil War Preservation trust

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100-carat Karajan

A conductor of enormous energy, Herbert von Karajan towered over classical music at the time of his death in 1989, holding more than 800 recordings to his name. Now on the occasion of his 100th birthday this Saturday, EMI and Deutsche Grammophon have each issued a 2-CD set of his seminal work with the Berlin Philharmonic. Both sets offer a bite-sized introduction to his exuberant, ultrapolished manner in favorites such as Bizet's "L'Arlésienne Suite No. 2," Smetana's "Moldau," and Ravel's "Boléro."

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Turn up the 'Volume 1'

Zooey Deschanel, the screen actress renowned for sardonic quips, has hinted at her vocal talents in "Winter Passing" and "Elf." Now, the pianist and ukulele player has cut an album with M. Ward under the moniker of She & Him. "Volume I" is a set full of wistful ballads and chirpy shimmies that is part Peggy Lee, part Andrews Sisters, and part Linda Ronstadt.

A girl's best friend

Flawless, a heist film with more twists than a double helix, shines all the brighter in a dull movie season. It's set in 1960s London where a female executive (Demi Moore) has hit the diamond ceiling at a gem-stone corporation. She's befriended by a janitor (Michael Caine) who has designs on the glittering vault in the company's basement.

A flimsy excuse for fun

Two filmmakers have created an ingenious tribute to Tron, the neon-lit sci-fi film, out of cardboard sets. See it at: www

Field work

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Get thee to a battlefield. Saturday is Park Day (www.civil, a time for civil war enthusiasts, history buffs, and anyone else to take an active role in helping spiff up over 100 historic Civil War sites.