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Popfilter releases debut album

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Firstly, this is not the old Philippine band of the same name, but Boston native Chris Anderson and a virtual all-star line-up of power pop talent. Produced by Bleu, the late Owsley and the legendary Ducky Carlisle, it's an impressive debut with many great power pop tracks.

It opens with the multi-pronged guitar and harmonic attack of "Back Again." The band's combination of Queen meets ELO approach reminds me of The Secret Powers a little. "Take The Shortcut" is another gem with a lush chorus and cascading synths. "Muddy Mississippi" takes a bluesy turn with Scott Simmons' keys and Joey Massei's incredible guitar licks. "Holly Would" is an awesome catchy single, that has Bleu's melodic fingerprints all over it.
And especially important is "Someone To Trust" - likely the last recorded performance of Will Owsely. It's a great song too, along with the glossy production and tight arrangements. Another winner here is "Back To Zero" with its Jeff Lynne styled hooks, and brilliant harmonies. Not every track hits these highs, but a majority of them do. Ultimately, the tracks don't quite fit together as a cohesive whole, but as a collection of really sweet singles. And I can think of no better excuse to grab this album.

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