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'Downton Abbey': 10 of the best tweets about the shocking finale

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(Read caption) 'Downton Abbey' finished airing its third season in the US on Feb. 17. But the buzz has already begun about the casting for next season.

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The UK import 'Downton Abbey' aired its season three finale (an episode that was broadcast as the Christmas special in the UK) last night on PBS, and a last-minute twist left many viewers distraught.


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Only a few episodes after beloved younger sister Sybil died giving birth to her first child, main character Matthew Crawley died (presumably) in a car crash in the last few minutes of the episode, shortly after his wife Mary had given birth to their son.

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Many "Downton" fans were none too pleased with this latest death on the show and turned to social media to vent their frustrations and discuss other recent plot developments. Here are 10 of the best tweets about the finale and the third season as a whole.

--"So is Downton Abbey secretly written by Joss Whedon?" --@kevahearn (Sci-fi TV show creator and "The Avengers" director Whedon is notorious for killing off beloved characters.)

--"Just saw the Xmas Special of Downton Abbey. If that is their idea of a Xmas Special, then the producers must be some sick, sick people." --@Amj_Singh

--"Wondering why all the newspaper guys on Downton Abbey are sleezy. First Mary's older man, now Edith's. Where's Clark Kent?" --@EmilyRodmell

--"Wanted to cancel an appt. today, but don't think they will waive the fee based on my excuse 'I am traumatized over the Downton Abbey finale'" --@JenniferVanDahm

--"Ugh, just finished watching Downton Abbey, which must be British for If You're Happy You Must Die." --@la_florecita

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--"Now I get it, Julien Fellowes is just setting us up for 'Downton Abbey: The New Class'" --@kristakitty

--"Thank you, Downton Abbey, for making me terrified of childbirth and of my husband driving. Ugh." --@jen_librarian86

--"Such a great, satisfying ending to Downton Abbey, I had to step out for the last couple minutes, but I'm sure it all ended well" --@pohlmike

--"Forced to choose, I'd prefer to live in The Walking Dead world over the Downton Abbey world. #BetterChanceOfSurvival" --@AaronWymer

--"And the lesson to be learned from tonight's Downton Abbey is: Don't drive happy." --@Steve_Edwards_