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Are you a Helicopter Parent? Take our quiz

Some call it overparenting or micromanaging, but helicopter parenting comes from good intentions –  we all want the best for our kids.  How close we’ll hover over our children – strapping “crawling helmets” on our infants or going to job interviews with our college graduates – is what earns us our pilot’s wings. Monitor staff devised this 50-question quiz on parenting style, based on real-life experiences. Test your rotor speed. There are no wrong answers, just more or less micromanagerial ones.

Question 1 of 21

1. When your baby drops a cookie on the floor, you:

Scrape it off and hand it back.

Throw it out.

Use the 3-second rule: Grab it within 3 seconds and hand it back; otherwise, throw it out..

Let the dog and baby vie for it.

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