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Can you handle adulthood? Take our domestic survival quiz!

Contrary to popular belief, or what our smartphones might show, we can’t look up everything on While some schools have cut HomeEc and shop classes, some students are embracing the maker movement, building their own bikes and knitting their own clothes, or miniature animals for their Etsy stores. 

What about the basics? Before a child turns 18, there are some basic skills that could make the difference in fending for themselves, or always calling home for help.

How well do you understand basic skills in the kitchen, the car, corresponding with others, tipping, among others? Could you handle adulthood?

Question 1 of 24

1. Using $20 or less, what are some essentials you can purchase to make sure you have supplies to make relatively well-balanced meals?

The cupboard and fridge in your new place are empty, you have got $20 for a food budget, what are some essentials you purchase to make sure you can have food for easy, relatively well-balanced meals?

Lucky Charms, Count Chocula, instant coffee, vanilla-flavored creamer, 45 packets of ramen noodles.

Milk, eggs, sandwich bread, peanut butter, jelly, spaghetti noodles, pasta sauce, frozen vegetables, Cheerios.

Spinach, baby carrots, cottage cheese, kombucha, raw almonds, organic coffee

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