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Favorite summer recipes

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(Read caption) Fare thee well summer days, we'll miss your overabundance of zucchini come winter.

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It's hard to believe that Labor Day is here! While it doesn't mean that summer is officially over, chilly mornings and the arrival of the fleet of yellow school buses certainly indicates that the growing season is coming to a close.

But it's still warm enough to pack the picnic basket and head to the beach for one last meal in the sand. And there is still enough daylight to host one last backyard dinner party.

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Looking at the most-viewed summer recipes on Stir It Up! it's easy to see that readers love ideas for their fresh produce: namely eggplant and zucchini. Are you finished with yours yet? Now there's one reason to be grateful for the end of summer: We've got to turn off the spigot of zucchini!

Top 10 Stir It Up! Summer Recipes

1. Tilapia fish tacos

2. Corn and black bean salad

3. Stuffed portobello mushrooms

4. Peach jam

5. Ratatouille three simple summer recipes

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6. Indian curry: pea, potato, and cheese

7. Cucumber salad with fresh dill

8. Eggplant caponata

9. Buttermilk fried chicken

10. Grilled chicken salad