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Strawberry lime coconut water slushie

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(Read caption) This refreshing slushy is made with strawberries, lime, and coconut water.

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I can't believe it's June! I’ve been in my apartment for over a month now! I guess it’s time to hang up some art, right? I did finally order a rug and some chairs, so people can sit when they come over.

Let’s talk about this drink. This is like go-to summer drink city: coconut water (frozen into cubes), a few strawberries, and a few juiced limes. Literally, that is it. So, healthy, tasty, easy. The best. I don’t have ice cube trays so I used some popsicle molds to freeze my coconut water the night before, then just plopped them into my Vitamix along with some strawberries and fresh lime juice.

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If you haven’t gotten on the coconut water train: do it! It’s so darn tasty, and super good for you. I’m 100 percent a fan. If I could drink 10 each day, I totally would. 

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Enjoy this refreshing drink!

Ice cold strawberry lime coconut water slushie
Mary Loudermilk/The Kitchen Paper

Strawberry lime coconut water slushie 

2 cups coconut water, frozen into cubes
1/4 cup coconut water, not frozen
5 large strawberries, hulled (frozen or not)
2 tablespoons fresh lime juice

Combine everything in your blender, and blend until smooth! You may need to poke it a bit to get it all blended – it will be pretty thick.

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