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Could you survive the Star Wars universe? Take our quiz!

Malfunctioning spacecraft. Inept droids. Ruthless bounty hunters. Sith Lords. Between these and a surprising number of bottomless shafts in which to tumble down, George Lucas’ classic sci-fi universe is fraught with peril. The intrepid space explorer will need quick wits, a sense of adventure, and the wisdom of a longtime fan to make it out alive. Do you have what it takes to survive in a galaxy far, far away?

Illustration by Jake Turcotte
Question 1 of 15

1. Your commanding officer has instructed you to plug the thermal exhaust port of the Death Star. In terms of size, which of the following would be the most appropriate thing to use?

An Arakyd Viper probe droid

A bantha

A womp rat

A TIE Fighter

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