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'I Am Jane Doe' lucidly presents important subject

'Doe' is about the mostly middle- and high-school girls who have been victims of sex trafficking predominantly on the adult classified site

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A young woman known as MA appears in the film 'I Am Jane Doe.'

Courtesy of 50 Eggs

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The documentary “I Am Jane Doe” is about the mostly middle- and high-school-aged girls who have been victims of sex trafficking, predominantly on, the adult classified site that once was featured in, among other papers, the Village Voice.

Narrated by Jessica Chastain and directed by Mary Mazzio, the film includes interviews with several of the girls as well as their families. It also enlarges the narrative by attacking, via numerous legal experts, the internet freedom law that federal judges have employed to protect the owners of sites like Backpage. It’s an important subject, lucidly presented. Grade: B+ (This movie is not rated.)

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